Strategic Plan

A strategic plan for the future


In 2012, Keolis Canada launched a continuous strategic planning process that will guide its activities related to development and growth during the coming years.

The Keolis Canada development and growth strategy is built on the skill, expertise, creativity and professionalism of its staff, a commitment to listening to its clients, an in-depth analysis of its various markets, the development of solid partnerships, the use of the most effective technologies, dynamic promotion and the most efficient use of its resources, with a view to providing sustainable transportation that meets the present and future needs of the communities that it serves.


109Strategic positioning

Become the preferred employer in the passenger transportation industry.

Ensure a competitive edge and reinforce the reputation of Keolis Canada by providing superior quality services.

Showcase the international reputation and expertise of Keolis.

Reinforce the reputation for excellence that has been built by the Orléans Express, Murray Hill and Expedibus brands.

Consolidate and develop Keolis Canada’s position as the leader and pace setter in its target markets within the ground transportation of passengers sector, and especially within the Montréal-Québec corridor.

Increase awareness of Keolis Canada’s position as a dynamic and sustainable company that is involved with and contributes to the social and economic development of the regions in which it operates.