Driver training

Experienced drivers


Keolis Canada considers its drivers to be its main ambassadors, because they are the ones who deliver the warm welcome, the safety, the reliability and the impeccable service upon which it has built its reputation.

All Keolis Canada drivers are professionals who have been chosen because of their safe driving skills and their judgement. Immediately upon being hired, they receive comprehensive training that includes the following components, among others:


All of our drivers are very familiar with vehicle inspection procedures, and perform them before each departure.

Driving hours

Keolis Canada drivers comply with the regulation governing the number of driving hours at all times.

Greeting and customer service

Our drivers are not only experts at handling their vehicles, they also receive special training related to greeting and serving customers.

Defensive driving and emergency situations

In order to guarantee the safety of its passengers, Keolis Canada places a high priority on providing its drivers with training related to defensive driving and emergency situations.

Energy efficiency

Keolis Canada drivers exercise the most energy-efficient driving practices.

Road tests and upgrading workshops

We evaluate and upgrade the skills of all of our drivers on a regular basis, specifically by organizing training workshops where they can learn about the most recent technological advances with which our vehicles are equipped and practise the latest driving techniques on ice and in emergency situations.